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Jewel in the Palace Season 1 Episode 14

Court Lady Han encourages JangGeum by allowing her the chance to cook smothered prawn and Tofu Casserole. Court Lady Choi reveals to GeumYoung the secret recipe book handed down by former Chief Court Ladies in charge of the Royal Kitchen. Gang, DukGoo and his wife come across Min, JungHo and find out he is a Royal Military Guard Officer. Gang informs JangGeum of a noble man with a pendant looking for her and guides her to Min. However, JangGeum and Min do not recognize each other and miss each other on the road. One day, sauces stored in the palace turn sour. Court lady in charge of sauce storage, Chief Court lady, and Court lady in charge of the Royal kitchen are not able to find out the cause and Chief Court Lady takes the matter to the upper class for further investigation.

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Serie: Jewel in the Palace

Episode Title: Episode 14

Air Date: 2003-10-28

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