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Jewel in the Palace Season 1 Episode 2

8 years has passed and the story now takes place in March, 1504.

Seo, working as a smith, and Park, as a homemaker, have settled down in a rural village where butchers, one of the bottom classes of the time, live together As Park’s best friend and colleague NaIn Han has advised, they are hiding themselves from certain incidents they got involved in by disguising themselves as low-class people. Soon, Seo and Park have a daughter named JangGeum.

King YeonSanGun has been tyrannizing the country for a decade and GapJaSaHwa, a political massacre, takes place.

One day, Seo takes JangGeum to the market and Seo gets arrested for his involvement in killing deposed Queen Yoon. Park and JangGeum head to HanYang, the capital city at the time, hoping to meet Seo.

Court lady Choi witnesses Park and JangGeum at a market place in HanYang while shopping for groceries and feels threatened by Park’s presence. Court lady Choi and her brother, Choi, PanSool, plot to kill Park. JangGeum witnesses her mother’s death and despite her grief continues to go on, spurned by a strong will to accomplish NaIn Park’s dying wish.

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Serie: Jewel in the Palace

Episode Title: Episode 02

Air Date: 2003-09-16

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