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Jewel in the Palace Season 1 Episode 22

Knowing Court Lady Han has not yet returned, the Queen mother tries to stop the competition but the Queen’s earnest request to continue the competition changes Queen mother’s mind. JangGeum prepares a chicken dish following her mother’s recipe and Court Lady Choi enters the competition with a steamed suckling pig dish.

Escaping from the food storage, Court Lady Han returns to the palace where the competition is underway and carefully watches the competition.

Due to her health, Court Lady Jung is looking to leave the palace as soon as she appoints her successor. However, Court Lady Choi and her family plot to reverse the Queen mother’s decision by uniting with other Royal Kitchens in the palace such as SoJooBang, DongGoongJeon, ByungGwaBang, etc…

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Serie: Jewel in the Palace

Episode Title: Episode 22

Air Date: 2003-11-25

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