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Jewel in the Palace Season 1 Episode 3

Not able to bear her hunger, JangGeum enters DugGoo’s brewery to ask for some food. She is falsely charged as a thief but DugGoo’s wife feels affection for JangGeum and takes her in. JangGeum helps around the brewery with everyday errands. One day, Lord Park, WonJong makes JangGeum deliver bottles of rice wine, as part of a plot of treason against King YeonSanGun, to Prince JinSung. That night, the enthronement of King JoongJong and dethronement of King YeonSanGun take place and Prince JinSung becomes King JoongJong the following day.

A Court lady in charge of training visits DugGoo’s house looking for JangGeum. JangGeum follows the lady and joins the palace with the dream of becoming the best cook there. JangGeum goes under the training of SaengGakSi (female workers under training to become maids of the palace) and become friends with YoungLo, YeonSaeng, and ChangI. However, coming from low-class background, JangGeum is treated with contempt. Mortified at being mistreated, JangGeum and YunSaeng hide in ToiSunGan (One of Royal Kitchens in the Palace), and find GeumYoung going down to the King’s private quarters.

While hiding themselves in ToiSunGan, JangGeum and YeunSaeng get caught by Court lady Han and NaIn Min. Surprised, YeonSaeng falls and breaks the bowl containing King’s midnight meal. Court lady Han and NaIn Min are traumatized as King’s midnight meal has been ruined. They quickly come up with a new idea to prepare King’s midnight meal and concentrate on preparing it without paying any attention to JangGeum and YeonSaeng. JangGeum is very impressed with the work of Court lady Han and watches her preparing the King’s meal with admiration…

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Serie: Jewel in the Palace

Episode Title: Episode 03

Air Date: 2003-09-22

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