Jewel in the Palace Season 1 Episode 32

JangGeum is taken to the royal military guard office for interrogation. Min, JungHo visits the royal military guard office to prove JangGeum’s services in defeating Japanese pirates, knowing that JeJe Island’s governor has made a false report. Min stays at the royal military guard offices as ordered by the chief officer, and JangGeum and GooMan return to JeJu Island. On their way to JeJu Island, JangGeum tries to build a mound over the grave where the Court Lady Han is buried. JangGeum encounters a strange boy who orders her to exhume and bury the body in another place, as the ground is not for graves. However, JangGeum notices the boy’s illness and treats him kindly…

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Serie: Jewel in the Palace

Episode Title: Episode 32

Air Date: 2004-01-06

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