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Jewel in the Palace Season 1 Episode 6

Even after she becomes an adult, because JangGeum still cannot keep her curiosity under control and has to see for herself whatever she needs to know, she sometimes gets in trouble and is penalized by washing dishes with SaengGakSi. Court lady Choi prepares a royal meal for Princess HyoHyey, who has been refusing to eat for 6 days, using the secret recipe only available to the predecessors in charge of the Royal Kitchen. However, Princess HyoHyey still refuses to eat and breaks down from hunger. GuemYoung prepares a porridge dish for Princess HyoHyey using charcoal, inspired by JangGeum’s use of charcoal to get rid of smells when cooking bean paste and soy sauce. Princess HyoHyey eats the porridge, saying it does not smell. Court Lady Jung praises GuemYoung and allows her to assist in preparing a golden pheasant dish for the King’s birthday.

GeumYoung, however, loses the golden pheasant from the Ming dynasty.

GeumYoung makes a plan to get outside the palace to buy a golden pheasant. JangGeum helps GeumYoung and accompanies her to Choi, PanSul’s house. The next day, Court Lady Choi finds out that the golden pheasant is nowhere to be found and calls for GeumYoung who also has disappeared from the palace. After thoroughly investigating YeonSaeng, Court Lady Jung, Choi, and Han consider a countermeasure.

GeumYoung returns safely to the palace with a golden pheasant but JangGeum gets arrested by a Royal Military Guard officer who takes her to the Chief Court Lady.

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Serie: Jewel in the Palace

Episode Title: Episode 06

Air Date: 2003-09-30

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